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Portrait photography

The creation of portrait photographs is one of our most beloved photograqphics activities. We have a great admiration for the black and white photography by artists like George Hurrell, Yousuf Karsh and Man Ray. And let’s not forget the often imitated, but never surpassed, harsh lighting used by Don English and John Kobal.

Rich, deep blacks, high whites and soft shadows to create that dream-like feeling. Harsh lights and high contrasts to highlight form and texture in order to create a dramatic looks. We prefer to use black and white photography as it is much less forgiving then colour photographs but at the same time is far more capable of transferring emotions. Using the wrong conversion settings can easily lead to washed out photographs or photographs lacking tonal range.

If you like photo’s like these, please take a look at the model registration page. We are always on the lookout for people who would like to have their pictures taken is a similar style.