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Founded in 2008, PhotographITy is a Dutch, privately owned company specialising in photography and photography related IT Services. Operating with an international customer base stretching from Denmark to Italy, PhotographITy is able to deliver high quality digital images for printing, publishing, internet and personal use.

Due to extensive training and an ferm IT background, we poses in depth knowledge on not only photography but also on managing large collections of photographs, colour management, printing, online and offline storage, photo editing, Windows and Apple based hardware, hardware monitoring, editing software, software monitoring and systems management.

In addition, due to years of working in different large IT environments, terms like ITIL, Change Management, TMAP, Project Planning, Budgeting and Prince2 hold little secrets for us.


Why PhotographITy

PhotographITy is a company that has, at first glance, multiple core activities. But, as we will explain, these activities are actually linked together closely.

To start with the name, PhotographITy is clearly an aggregation of Photography and IT. As photography nowadays is mostly done with digital equipment, the challenges faced by the modern photographer differ from those encountered by analogue photographers from the past. Due to the fact that taking a photo is very cheap now, most collections easily contain thousands, hundreds of thousands or even million of photographs. All these photographs need to be stored somewhere. They need to be protected against, loss, theft, equipment failures, disasters and user errors. They need to be accessible from any workstation or location. Maybe they even need to be available for customers or resellers. When editing photographs, you expect the display to show you the real colours of the photo and want the final print to be the same as what you saw taking the photograph or when pressing print on you workstation. And all that equipment needs to be managed and monitored. When a hard disk containing thousands of photographs stops working, you want to know about it. You want it replaced before you lose any data. This is where PhotographITy shows it true added value. We understand colour management. We know hard- and software. We live for systems management and we are photographers ourselves so we recognise your needs and we know how to fill them.


Social responsibility

As a company, PhotographITy is aware of its social responsibilities. And although we are a relatively small company, we do support several initiatives with either financial support or services at a no cost basis. Privately we support our local animal shelter with donations. Company wise we support or sponsor Cat Shows (which in turn support animal rescue services & shelters), the continuing fight against breast cancer (Pink Ribbon initiative), the institute for the education of translators for the hearing impaired (Tolk NGT) and a number of smaller initiatives.

If you have a project or a good cause and would like us to support you, please send us more information describing your wishes and/or needs. Although we have a limited budged, we are always more than willing to listen and seriously consider our support for your cause.


Environmental Awareness

Photography has come a long way since the poisonous mercury, iodine vapours and silver bromide crystals used in the daguerreotype photography. But even today there are still to several ways to minimize the impact a photographer has on his surroundings.

PhotographITy employees will always try to comply with the following principles:
While photographing:

  • Respect and do not disturb plant and animals.
  • Leave nothing behind, don’t take anything away.
  • Follow instructions. “Don’t touch” means “Don’t touch!”
  • Watch where you step. Don’t break anything
  • Don’t bring to much equipment that needs transportation.
  • Use energy wisely. Turn of equipment not being used.

While in the office:

  • Separate waste and recycle what can be recycled.
  • Limit printing to what is necessary.
  • Turn of equipment not in use.
  • Limit car usage if possible and save fossil fuel and carbon dioxide emissions.

We don’t own this world, we just have it on loan from our children.



No company or person, including PhotographITy, has all the knowledge about everything at its disposal. Therefor we have a number of companies and freelance professionals we often work and share our knowledge and experience with. Also, depending on the size of specific projects we can request and supply support from and to these companies and professionals.

Bert vd Zalm Freelance photographer and part of our aesthetic conscience.
George Sweijen Freelance photographer and trusted partner at many photographic events.
Kantoor Nagel Our partner for any administrative issue. A very skilled and pleasant company to work with.
Clemens Our partner for all financial and insurance related maters.